Twin room “The Fishing Boat”

90,00BGN / per night
Max. Guests
2 Guests
Booking Nights
1 Min.
Bed Type
Две единични легла
12 m²

A cosy room featuring a small balcony and views of thе sea and cliffs. Its windows open a view of the deep blue sea and St Ivan island, as well as the flocks of seagulls that circle it. The room also boasts a small balcony looking to the west – towards the sea and the warm sunsets. Our “Fishing Boat” is equipped with twin beds, a fridge, an electric kettle, Wi-Fi and cable TV. Guests of the room use a separate bathroom located just outside by the staircase. An excellent choice for a couple.

The price of the room per night varies depending on which period of the season it is rented for.

Start of season: 1 June - 30 June / Peak season: 1 July - 30 September

Start of Season Peak Season
01 june – 30 june 01 july – 30 september

70 BGN.

90 BGN.

Room Availability

  • Available
  • Not Available