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``The Sea is for Real and Happiness Exists`` Hristo Fotev

Sozopol is a place of much depth. It’s deep because of the sea; the town’s millennia old history, as well as the lives of its idiosyncratic inhabitants.

One such remarkable individual is the Doctor. He arrived in Sozopol in the late 1960s as a young military doctor, but soon became the emergency contact for all Sozopoli-ans. The locals came to love Dr Nanyu Manafov and helped him build his own home by the rocky beach. Yatros (or ‘Doc’ in Greek) as the locals would fondly call him, spent more than a decade in the small seaside town before moving to Sofia to contin-ue his medical career. Yet Sozopol would always remain his haven.

Eventually the Doctor’s House opened its doors to holidaymakers, drawn to the place by its artistic atmosphere and stunning location on top of the cliffs by the open sea. Art and beauty reign here.

Paintings by distinguished Bulgarian artists adorn the walls while the large
windows and spacious terraces offer views of the infinite open sea, St Ivan Island, the chapel built by the Doctor and his wife Elena, as well as the restored Northern tower of the town’s Medieval fortification wall.

Guests at the Doctor’s never miss a chance to come back. Each for their own reason, but also because of a big, shared love — that for the deep blue sea, which seems al-most bottomless when viewed from the rugged cliffs above. And eternal…